Immigrant without a residence permit delivers pizza to military base, is arrested

An Ecuadorian man who, last week, a pizza delivered to a military base in the United States, was arrested when at the entrance turned out that he didn’t have a residence permit. The immigration authorities want to put him soon to tell.

Pablo Villavicencio delivered on June 1, a pizza to the Fort Hamilton military base in Brooklyn, New York, and was at the entrance as usual to get a passport. Villavicencio, just as he did the previous times had done its id from New York. That is a map on which all the inhabitants of the city, irrespective of whether they have a residence permit.

The on-duty soldiers decided this time, however, the man at a-depth control subjects, and discovered then that he have no residence permit. The pizza delivery service was then arrested and handed over to the immigration authorities, who gave him the country want to expand, writes the British newspaper The Guardian.

‘They have let me know that he next week will be deported, ” said Sandra Chica, the wife of Villavicencio, Wednesday, during a press conference. “The fact that my husband will divorce his daughters is heartless. He was the breadwinner of the family, now I am alone.’

Wife and kids are Americans

The wife and the children of Villavicencio are U.s. citizens. The Ecuadorian resides since 2008 in the United States, but his residence permit in 2010 was rejected. Yet all that time he remained in the U.S. to live.

The Us army defends the decision to Villavicencio, a strict identity control to undergo at the entrance of the barracks. ‘Military men have the power to do what is necessary to their own safety’, it sounds in a press release.

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