Guido Weijers six times the Alpe d’huez

Comedian Guido Weijers on Thursday, succeeded six times the Alpe d’huez climb on the bike during the event Alpe d’huzes to raise money for cancer research.

“Three trips a long time I had only rain”, told Guido at the finish line on NPO Radio 5. “My whole body was cold and my back is super stiff. Fortunately, the sun finally broke a little bit, otherwise I was really stopped. After that everything was slightly smoother.”

It was a race against the clock, told Guido, that at half past eight and finished. “If I make a soup with too much had eaten, or a sandwich, then I had not been saved.”

Guido cycled six times to the top. “I see so many people all make an effort and it’s not about the number. It comes to the pain that you are suffering, the compassion that you get here on the mountain and the togetherness that we all have by the event. It is a wonderful experience.”

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