FIFA when world cup to focus on racist behaviour

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ZURICH – The wereldvoetbalbond FIFA at the next world cup in Russia sharp attention to racist and discriminatory spreekkoren among the public.

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino

For this purpose, a special monitoring system was established at every world CHAMPIONSHIP race is active. A team of three observers of the antidiscriminatienetwerk FARE will be the behavior of the visitors keep a close eye on.

,,If there are problems in the stands, we can quickly identify”, was a spokesman of FARE know. According to the FIFA is anyone within the world cup race organizers trained to to take action and to take appropriate action if excesses occur among the spectators.

World cup referees must, as already known, a driestappenplan run if there is racism or discrimination in the stadium. First explains the arbitration to the duel silently and via the speaker a warning is given to the public. Then the competition for some time to be broken down when new incidents. Final strike is the last option.

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