Ferry Doedens sings on Musicaldagen

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Ferry Doedens and actor Jeroen C. Miller, act on 30 June during the Dutch Musicaldagen in Tilburg. They will go for a taste of the new musical Still in me, that coming season in the Dutch theaters will be, made manufacturer STENT Productions Thursday known.

The show with well known songs from the Dutch pop music is made by Martin Buitenhuis and William Spaaij. In Still in me, there will be a tribute to the Dutch pop music, with hits of, among others, Of Thick Wood. The show is from march 2019 by the whole of the Netherlands.

The musical tells of five twenty-somethings in high school thick were friends. After their exams, they lost touch. Years later, the friends again together, only one of them are no longer there. According to producer Sturkenboom is the show about “friendship, expectations and the search for identity. Both the storyline as well as the Dutch pop music make for a good dose of recognition.”

The direction is in the hands of William Spaaij. Marnix Wetzer is responsible for the musical direction. Outside the home is closely involved in the development of the production.

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