Everything comes back, also Hallo Hautekiet

On social media, news spread of a wildfire, lit by Goedele Guards, and now it is official: Jan Hautekiet presents one more time Hello Hautekiet. Not a nostalgic trip but a broadcast in the open spirit of the legendary program. This Jan in the night from Friday to Saturday, after the Hautekiet kicks off tour her last stop on the VRT has been reached. Jan Hautekiet take Radio 1 from 22, Studio Brussels, follows from midnight and together they go through to Saturday morning 7am. It is really free radio, Jan Hautekiet itself emphasizes that everything is open:

“Hallo Hautekiet is jazz on the radio: scores road, and jamming. Free radio in the strict sense of the word. Free as in Free speech, interaction along all channels which via the telephone the air enters. 22.00 is the radiojam opened. Where we land at 7 am? Who will know that? We go along unexplored paths, that much is clear. No simple past, but a makeable future.”

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