Death toll rises to 99 after volcano eruption Guatemala

After the volcano erupted Sunday in the southwest of Guatemala are already 99 bodies found. That turns out Wednesday night from the latest official balance sheet of the national forensic institute, INACIF. That also made a list public of the already identified dead.

The 3.763 meter high Volcán de Fuego erupted on Sunday, after which a lavstroom surrounding villages devastated. The volcano is located in the Sierra Madre, more than 40 kilometres from Guatemala City. President Jimmy Morales announced the state of emergency to speed assistance in the disaster area.

The rescue and bergingswerken, however, is difficult to get through the heavy rainfall and new volcanic activity. So was the area Tuesday after a new eruption completely evacuated.

The disaster agency Conred made Tuesday night even reported recently that 44 wounded, and nearly 192 missing.

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