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Dash Embassy since-CH is a supporting member for the Austrian Startup platform Cryptocurrency Dash meets Austria startups

The Cryptocurrency Dash, by market capitalisation, is currently the twelfth-largest in the world, now a supporting member of Austria’s start-UPS and expand your network in Austria. Together with the Startup platform, the Dash, the Embassy will perform-CH, legitimate representative of the crypto-currency, a variety of events.

The aim is to discuss in a direct dialogue with young entrepreneurs, opportunities, risks and possibilities of use of crypto currencies and to provide you with advice and act to the side.

In lectures on topics such as “the use of digital cash at the POS,” and “crypto as a means of payment beyond the ICO” can inform currencies Startups. At the same time, Klaus Hipfinger will participate, in addition to Jan Heinrich Meyer, managing Director of the Dash to the Embassy, da-CH, regular the of Austria startups organized get-togethers, which take place on a monthly basis in the whole of Austria.

Austria startups is a neutral, independent and non-profit platform for innovative entrepreneurship in Austria. As an open place for start-UPS, change-maker and interested in Austria encourages startups to joint initiatives with the platform. Markus Raunig, managing Director of Austria startups looks forward to the cooperation with the Dash very positive:

We are delighted to have the Dash Embassy-CH as a supporting member for Austria startups. Start-UPS and crypto-currencies of the desire for the future in an innovative way to shape. We are sure that an exchange between the Startups will enrich our network and Dash both sides and inspire.

Dash is currently the only Cryptocurrency on the market that already complies with all of the features of digital cash: short transaction times, low transaction costs and on request of anonymity. The currency is thus particularly suitable for use at the Point-of-Sale, or as a method of payment in E-Commerce.

For many Startups, a price is Dash attractive Alternative to existing payment options. Jan Heinrich Meyer, founder and managing Director of the Dash to the Embassy, da-CH, explains:

Many Startups are First movers in the field of crypto currencies. Already today, many acceptance of the Dash start-UPS that have recognised the advantages of digital cash the early. Thanks to the exchange with many innovative minds under the umbrella of Austria startups, we will be able to acceptance of the Dash and at the same time by the fresh ideas of the other founders learn to build on it.

About Austria Startups

Austria startups is a neutral, independent and non-profit platform for innovative entrepreneurship in Austria. Together with more than 30,000 supporters of the Think Tank is working on a future in Entrepreneurship in Austria, so normal is like skiing.

In Austria-startups brings together the experience of successful entrepreneurs with a far-reaching network of Experts and shows ways, such as in Austria a more favourable climate can be created. More information

On Dash

Dash is digital cash. The Cryptocurrency was developed in 2014 by Evan Duffield, with the goal of inflation is not secure to create a government currency, which is suitable for actual use in everyday life.

In contrast to other crypto-currencies, Dash, has, in spite of the decentralized network through an organizational structure with clear distribution of tasks, budget authority and targeted decision-making hierarchy. The monetary system is based on the Blockchain technology.

Dash paid for all the Power generators in the System (master node and Miner) and generated from the block rewards there is also a separate Budget. Thus, the network of external providers of capital or donations is not independent. The market capitalization of the Dash at the end of 2017 at around 9 billion Euro.

About Dash Embassy-CH

The Dash, the Embassy of a legitimate representative office of the Cryptocurrency Dash in the German-speaking countries. The company, based in Lübeck, take a education and teaching job in the name of the Dash-network true.

The goal is dialogue and enlightenment around the topic of crypto-currencies in General, and Dash in Particular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to Online Tutorials and Offline, carry-forward of interested retailers in the Dash, the Embassy of the person to contact. More information and all current offers

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