Birgit Schuurman and Poal Cairo play in cell

Starring Birgit Schuurman, Kenneth Herdigein and Poal Cairo play this summer starring in the music Prison Monologues. The piece draws this summer along the fifteen prisons to 2900 prisoners act, made Stichting Ideefix, that the show developed, Thursday known.

The piece, written by Christine Otten and Herman Koch, has been developed on the basis of the life stories of (ex)prisoners and pulled before full houses in abandoned prisons. This summer, monologues back to where it all began: the prison.

It is for the first time in a long time that there was a large-scale tour is being organized, staged along different judicial establishments. The tour will take place between 18 June and 11 July.

Actor Poal Cairo (GTST, cell block H) has a true transformation undergone for his role: he has his head shorn, so that he is more on the real Wesley seems to be that he plays in Prison Monologues.

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