Austria wants EU to cut

MUNICH – Austria will find that the budget of the EU quite down after the Brexit. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz argued Thursday during a conference of the European people’s Party in Munich that the European Union after the departure of Great Britain, 13 percent of its population is lost. Then at governmental level in the EU austerity measures is appropriate. That is also the Dutch position.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria

Kurz pleaded at the same time, the contribution to an important common EU-projects to increase. He thinks in the first place to the protection of the external borders. Only if there is strict security, the fundamental rights in the EU, including travel freely without passport checks, can be defended, asked the Austrian government.

Kurz has the budget plans of the responsible EU-commissioner Günther Oettinger, for the period 2021-2027 strongly condemned. He gets annoyed in mind that despite the size of the EU by the Brexit, in the years that followed, in the budget the expenses to go up. Oettinger said in Munich to assume that there in march 2019 is a compromise. “I am optimistic that a solution is coming”, replied Kurz.

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