“A coalition agreement between the 18 parties’

After two years of meetings, the Eredivisie is still no sense made any progress at all with the ’veranderagenda’, in which some for the future of Dutch football crucial topics together are swept. Despite the absence of results looks Eredivisie CV-director Jacco Swart isn’t too bad and he hopes later this year on an accord.

Jacco Swart

That ’veranderagenda’ is a prayer without end. Do you expect that there is ever something comes out?

“Of course, I would also now would rather report waving, stating which side we with the Eredivisie heading. So far, we are unfortunately not yet. It is a complex process involving clubs, sometimes against their own interest in it should go. However, I am not so negative, because we have made some progress. So it was decided for this topic once the proportion to match. Originally had fifteen of the eighteen clubs agree to a change, and for this topic are now thirteen yes votes enough. With a proviso, that in each of the three subgroups (three clubs, six subtopclubs and nine clubs from the rechterrijtje) also a majority. That clubs for this purpose are prepared, shows that the want is to finally get out. You don’t do this if you only have the heels in the sand.”

There were enough yes votes to with the start of the season 2020/2021 when all the clubs natural grass to be mandatory in the Premier league. Why is that subject not from the ’veranderagenda’ met and all afgehamerd?

“For some related to it is true, that we are in the Premier league know very well which way we are going, and that applies to the way we the youth want to protect and for the transition from artificial turf to natural grass or hybrid fields. There are still no decisions has been taken, because the Premier league clubs on the whole package to come to an agreement and therefore also about topics that are more difficult as the distribution of tv monies and a new competitiemodel. In those discussions, other issues play a role. You can compare it with negotiations in politics on a coalition agreement, in which clubs, at one point what return and on the other point what to harvest. Only in the Premier league coalition negotiations between eighteen parties, and that also explains why it is so complex.”

At the meeting paid football agreement has been reached on a change of course with regard to the Young teams that will participate in the voetbalpiramide. The professional clubs have agreed that only players, who are younger than 23, may come true. The proposal is now being treated in the bondsvergadering (pro and amateur).

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