‘WK-catastrophe is threatening Russia’

The world cup in Russia for the population, a party should be, but there is now firmly in mind that the tournament in their own country from going to walk on a sporting catastrophe.

The basiself of Russia for the practice game against Turkey.

Tuesday, the team of head coach Stanislav Cherchesov in the last some players in the run-up to the opening match of next week against Saudi Arabia not to create any impression. Against the B-choice of Turkey with 1-1 gelijkgespeeld. In the group stage to wait also duels with Egypt and Uruguay.

The media in Russia are now extremely skeptical about the chances of the national team. “Russia showed against Turkey once again a depressing impression. The hope that there is still a miraculous metamorphosis is going to take place, definitely seems to be gone,” the newspaper Sport Express.

“The team has no backbone. The players are playing much worse than in their clubs. The game is hopeless. There is the tactical model. Now of tactics or change players will no longer help. It would be only a spasmodic attempt to do something to fix it, hoping for a fluke. If you have a broken television trying to convert. Shake, press the button and then praying that he magically suddenly again is going to do.”

The last victory of Russia dates back to 7 October 2017. Since then, four times lost, and three times gelijkgespeeld. “Against Turkey, the game was slightly better than normal, but it was still far removed from what two years ago, we had in mind when they started with the construction of a new team. How can that be? As you as long want to be engaged, there must be something good happen? Well, not with us…”

The objectives are also properly revised downwards. “Hopefully we are good enough to Saudi Arabia to beat. Given the current situation, that would already be a success. If you are not a team, is a team sport very difficult.”

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