Toxic path threatens animals on Madagascar

STUTTGART – A toxic path threatens the wildlife on the island of Madagascar. According to German researchers of the 77 species of animals that frogs eat just one resistant to the poison in the zwartlittekenpad.

Ring-tailed lemurs from Madagascar.

The paddensoort made probably a few years ago in a cargo of building material for a nickel – and kobaltmijn the crossing to the island, which has a unique flora and fauna, with species that live only there. The animal is now greatly increased.

According to the researchers of the state museum for natural history in Stuttgart is just a rodent that toads eat, resistant to the venom of the path. “Our data confirm that the invasive toads are probably a large development will have on the many endemic species on Madagascar, and that this is the existing natuurbeschermingsproblemen again will worsen,” said one of the researchers.

’Too late for hunting

For a “hunt” on the path, according to the researchers too late. The hope is that the animals themselves teach that they are the toads not eat.

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