The successful Kim Kardashian: Trump gives Alice Johnson pardon

Kim Kardashian has achieved what she intended with her conversation with president Donald Trump. He has a pardon signed to Alice Johnson, who, because drugs are a life-sentence sentence. That report different American media.

CNN had earlier today already know that the White House, the paperwork for the pardon for Alice Johnson already prepared. The senior advisor of the White House, Jared Kushner, has in recent months been in constant contact talked about the subject with Kim Kardashian. Last week, she visited the president to the matter to talk.

Alice Johnson was set up in 1996 to life in prison sentenced for her involvement in the facilitation of communication in a cocaïnesmokkel’. It has about it told that they did that because they are in big financial problems hit, after her job at FedEx lost due to a gambling addiction. Moreover, it came to her son in a motorcycle accident and her marriage ended in divorce.

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