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The largest Bank of England stops buying of Bitcoin by credit card

After last Saturday stopped a whole bunch of big American banks, the purchase of crypto-currencies by credit card, following this measure, the largest Bank in the United Kingdom.

As we previously reported, JP Morgan, Bank of America and Citigroup at the weekend for all Private and corporate customers, introduced a barrier to the purchase of crypto-currencies by credit card. This measure is intended to serve the protection of the company, and any expenses incurred in betting on Bitcoin, called down to the office.

The largest Bank of England, Lloyds Bank, according to a report from the, go also to bind the purchase of crypto-currencies by credit card. The use of the issued debit cards will not be affected, so that still crypto-currencies of potential investors can be purchased.

This decision was taken after Bitcoin fell below the $ 8,000 mark and the Bitcoin exchange rate went within just a few hours downhill. The security of the customers stand in the foreground, in order to protect against unpleasant Surprises.

Through this prohibition, the credit will be blocked by cards of around 9 million customers of the Llody Bank. To the company’s Halifax, Bank of Scotland and MBNA.

The price of Bitcoin is dated to the editors ‘ time (9:30) 5.020,75€ and has lost since the beginning of January to more than 50% of its value. The historical all-time high was reached on 16.12.2017 and fraud 16.376,30 Euro.

The incredibly bullish Rally of last year seems to press upon further descent of the course to the level in which the COP had started last year, its rapid rise at the end of September 2017. At that time, the price for a Bitcoin at just 3,500 euros.

The negative trend seems to be continuing and not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the entire crypto market to bleed.

The next few days and weeks will show whether the bear market is continuing and whether similar measures of large German banks follow.

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