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That promises: even Putin expected at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in your own country, not a lot of Russian team…

Russian president Vladimir Putin does not have too high expectations of the host country at the world cup. That’s what he says in an interview with China Media Group. Putin believes that Brazil, Argentina, Spain or Germany with the world cup on the lift will go.

In the interview, says Putin that Russia’s main purpose is for a good organization of the world cup to ensure, and there is a party for the millions of football fans from all over the world. The Russian president confirms that he is, anyway, the openingsduel between Russia and Saudi Arabia on 14 June and the final on July 15, will be attending.

Russia, which Tuesday in a practice game against Turkey was 1-1, it was already seven games in a row not win. Putin expects too much of his Russian team, also against Egypt and Uruguay play in group A. “Unfortunately, we have the last time, with no good results. But all the Russian fans hope that our team it will do well and will fight to the end.”

Putin sees Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany, the longest battle for the world cup. “At the previous world cup played the Germans great football and also Spain captures beautiful football on the mat. There will definitely be and many other countries compete for the world cup, but ultimately it will be the best country win.”

Also Blatter puts Red Devils are not in favorites

Also for former FIFA-president Sepp Blatter, the Red Devils can’t pick a favorite in Russia. In a tweet, shows the 82-year-old Swiss Wednesday, the top four (excluding Belgium).

“We are eight days before the world cup start. My top four: Brazil, France, Germany, Spain (in alphabetical order). I believe in offensive football,” writes Blatter, who adds that Nigeria and Uruguay for a surprise.

Blatter was in 2015 after yet another corruption scandal to six years suspended by the ethics committee of FIFA. Or he to the world cup will draw, is still unclear. Russian president Vladimir Putin invited him forward.

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