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Scoring system for Belgian referees will be adjusted

The Referee Office of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) is concerned the current system around the odds on the Belgian refs to suit. That confirmed scheidsrechtersbaas Johan Verbist in an interview with Belga.

The current system for the performance of the referees in the league to rate, was last season seriously put to the test. It turned out that a intervention of the videoref anyway a worse score meant, and that weighs heavily in the final calculation. As a result, referees are more likely the VAR is not consulted or its opinion in the wind to save.

“The past season was not in all matches a videoref. You can not simultaneously two systems, one with and one without a videoref. Then you get namely imbalance in the final bill,” says Verbist. “So we have this season chosen to everyone in the same way to rate. Videoref or not, our quoteringsysteem remained the same.”

From next season the system will be fully different look, says the scheidsrechtersbaas. “Next season, in all competitions, a videoref. We are now working on a different system of points put against next season.”

Verbist also gave further explained that the presence of the videoref last season may have had an influence on the performance of the referees. “Actually, it could not be allowed, but I am sure that some of them had an influence. By the videoref word during a match instead of after, immediately pointed to the wrong decisions you have made. During a match you already know that your credit rating will be less. That you take for the rest of the competition.”

Will refs have to learn to deal with it. “It is a part of the learning process. They need to wrong assessment immediately forgotten. That is not easy, but you, the future can not stop.”

Verbist: “Semiprofessionalisme propels referees to a higher level”

Eight Belgian referees worked the past season as semiprof at the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association). Come next season, even two. “The semi-professional referees will be provided all performance”, evaluated scheidsrechtersbaas Johan Verbist the scheme.

The semi-professional referees came last season every Tuesday together. in the Morning, was a physical training program, followed by a technical session and again a veldtraining. Also Thursday pulled the semiprofs a half day off to train. As a result, scheidsrechtersbaas Verbist.

“To train together and to each other to evaluate during the technical sessions, the semiprofs each other to a higher level. We train in a group and this way you will always go further than if you only exercise. You push each other and learn from each other. You want to be not inferior to the other, leaving you on the physical plane still growing. Also view you during the technical sessions images of each other, but also of the UEFA. So you learn to make decisions on the basis of examples that you are in a match also may encounter. The more you are viewing images, the better you will be.”

“Especially Bram Van Driessche and Nathan Verboomen have grown enormously. Those two jump out at you, but the others were also delivered better performance. Less noticeable, though. Also the way Vertenten the last few weeks the whistle, was really high from a high level,” says Verbist.

“That way of working also ensures competition among themselves and that is a good thing. You may well agree with people, but once you a ranking is you can not otherwise than be competitive. Everyone wants to be at the top and the best. You want that topmatchen in the play-offs flutes,” says Verbist.

But it wasn’t all positive last season. “The Belgian arbitration has a difficult season behind them. Because we are in a short time, had a lot of implement. We started with the input of the semiprofessionalisme and the VAR. From the criticism that it produces, you need to learn. I draw conclusions and lessons from this and try next season to do better.”

Verbist continues to believe in the VAR project, but recognises that not all of it is expired as it had to. “I sometimes wonder whether we are using the VAR-project is not too quickly gone. We had agreed to a phase of 48 matches. Suddenly, there in the play-offs. That are not just races, but races where the championship and the European tickets depend on,” said the scheidsrechtersbaas. “The pressure is much larger, not only the referees, but to everyone: press, teams, coaches and supporters. There is a lot of shot on the VAR, and there are mistakes made. That is, I deny not. But I read so many things totally wrong. The VAR has a supporting and enabling role, but it remains up to the referee to determine whether or not he sticks to his decisions.”

Some media reported that the position of Verbist as scheidsrechtersbaas discussion. “I don’t know what I can do,” says Verbist about it. “There have been times when there the man was played. But there, I must learn to live with it. You know in advance that if there are errors to be made, to the boss pointed out. I am ultimately responsible.”

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