Scheme whistleblowers slaughterhouses in Belgium

BRUSSELS – There is a whistleblowing procedure for slaughterhouses in Belgium. The scheme protects employees of slaughterhouses against sanctions if they are a violation of the animal welfare notify the authorities. That made minister Ben Weyts (animal Welfare) in the Flemish parliament known during the discussion of an investigation of violations in the sector.

Weyts has been commissioned by the slaughterhouses to light after a number of scandals last year, including in a pig slaughterhouse in Tielt that temporarily closed was after in the secret cases of severe animal cruelty were filmed. In addition, there is a legal basis for footage to use as evidence.

The researchers found no large or systematic violations of the animal welfare but saw in every phase of the process shortcomings. In seven of the eleven visited runderslachthuizen were not all animals at a first shot out of the consciousness. In all the slaughterhouses was an electrical device used to make cattle move forward to drive, while the use of transients only as the last means is allowed.

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