Sandra Bullock doubts about stop to sexism

Sexist filmbazen drifted Sandra Bullock is almost out of Hollywood. The star of the film Gravity has a successful career, but she admits that the sexism that she has experienced at the beginning of her career her two times did consider to be actress to be.

“It was difficult for me, because I walked with blinders through life and came to the place where I was inferior because I was a woman. And that was a bitter pill to swallow. I had a lot of sadness and thought maybe I should get out of here”, she tells USA Today.

Bullock, who, with her role in Speed in 1994, broke, explains that she had no idea how much inequality women in Hollywood had because she not grew up with sexism. “My career is a domino effect of people saying, ‘I would like that this person, this role is fulfilled’,” she says. “And not only in the film industry, but people in my life. My mother had me brought up as: ’You don’t need to marry, your walking down your own path. You earn your own money, and are your own person”’.

“I went to the world to think that there is no inequality, that everyone was similar, and I also can do what a man can do. But eventually I experienced a ’ wake-up moment”, when I realized: I am being treated in this way because I have a vagina!”

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