Piers Morgan wants to be in a bikini to present

Piers Morgan has a lot of viewers Wednesday, the convulsions in the body, hunted in his ITV show Good Morning Britain. Morgan suggested to the ochtendshow live in a bikini to present it, and that comment was not everyone good earth.

Morgan did his remarkable promise as a result of the news about the abolition of the bikini – and badpakkenronde at the Miss America pageant. In the broadcast he spoke about the choice of the organization. “When is beauty something offensive?”, he wondered. “When we stopped to go to beautiful people to look, men and women?” Tomorrow threw the conversation about a different bow. “If someone asked me nicely calls it, I go here in bikinis, all day”, he decided.

Colleagues of the 53-year-old presenter could be the joke or appreciate it, but on Twitter appeared dozens of messages from concerned viewers. “Oh please no, I will not be a nightmare for the rest of my life”, let someone know. “Not to 06.00 hours in the morning, it is too early for this kind of ‘volwassentelevisie'”, tweeted another. And: “I eat my breakfast, the main meal of the day. I must really be in my stomach.”

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