People smugglers get 360 years in prison

ATHENS – Heavy prison sentences for a gang of human traffickers in Greece. Two Afghans and a Syrian are on the island of Crete, sentenced up to 360 years in prison. An Iraqi accomplice was 357 years in prison. They must each in addition to a million euro fine to pay. The height of the punishment is mostly symbolic, because after 25 years must be released.

Photo for illustration.

Seven other smugglers were six to twelve years imprisonment. Six Greeks who helped them, including a police officer, therefore, must be one to five years on bread and water.

The gang had 112 refugees from countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Iran are being smuggled. They were hidden in caves and farms on Crete. Where they lived under appalling conditions. It was intended that they to Italy would be smuggled, and from there in the direction of Great Britain, or Northern Europe. In march last year, had the Greek and British authorities, 112 migrants were found.

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