New crew to space station

BAJKONOER – Three new crew members are on their way to the international space station (ISS). It comes to Alexander Barley from Germany, Sergey Prokopyev of Russia and Serena Auñón from America. They were Wednesday launched from ruimtebasis Bajkonoer in Kazakhstan. They come on Friday when the floating lab, where she the coming months will live.

Serena Auñón, Sergey Prokopyev and Alexander Barley.

Alexander Barley for the second time in the space, and also the previous time was during a football world cup. Barley saw from space how his country became world champion. He had a shirt of die Mannschaft taken to the space station. Before the start of that world cup had Barley in a video contest ruimtevoetbal played with two American colleagues, including floating bicycle kicks.

In the ISS are now two Americans and a Russian. Three other members of the crew, a Russian, an American and a Japanese), Sunday, back safe on earth. They had a football with him, which may have a role in the opening of the world cup next week.

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