National Geographic is going to fight against plastic

With the campaign #STOPMETPLASTIC wants National Geographic to encourage people to the use of plastic to reduce. Six plastic disposable products to the U.s. television network among other like from the world ban:, cotton swabs, straws, coffee cups, bags, cutlery and bottles.

9 million pounds of plastic ends up annually in the ocean. That we realize maybe not always, because what we see washed up on land, it is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. National Geographic calls for with small adjustments in the daily life of reduce the volume of waste. The bottle of water that you quickly take for the road, has 450 million years to break down. Plastic also has good properties, but causes a lot of pollution and is biologically not degradable. Therefore, there are alternatives such as refillable bottles and portable mugs. In June sends National Geographic every Monday at 21h a documentary which offers a better look at the problem. Also through the magazines, social media and website enter National Geographic the battle verder.De non-profit National Geographic Society, the plastic problem is better documented. So as governments, NGOS, companies and the consumer through scientific and useful information to innovative solutions enabling. A first expedition, which takes place in 2019, will be the types of plastic and their flow in the river study. With the hashtag #STOPMETPLASTIC you can change your intention and your concern to make it known to the outside world.

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