Kim cried for slavery statement, Kanye

Kim Kardashian cried and cried when she for the first time, the statements heard that her husband Kanye West had done on slavery. The rapper called out last month that slavery is ’a choice’.

“Or I about cries and crying? Or I there hassle to have made? Yes, sir,” says Kim at Entertainment Tonight. She adds that the few more differences.

Kanye West is the single wouldn’t Leave of his last week’s released album Ye back. He raps in it, among other things, that he Kim had to calm down and that he would never leave her. “I think that’s a really nice song”, Kim continues. “That number he left me at the very last moment to hear and it means a lot to me.”

Kanye did his slavery statement in the studio of TMZ. It gave him a lot of time criticism. The rapper keeps the tempers in the last few weeks are already quite busy with his Twitter rants full of quirky statements.

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