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Jommeke is ready to China to conquer

Whole generations have been brought up in Dutch with Jommeke, the adventurous little boy and his parrot. The adventures of Jommeke and his friends appeared in 71 countries, but now he also goes to the Chinese market to conquer.

The Jommekestrips were already translated in French, Italian, Spanish. Now, publisher Ballon Media that it is time to the greatest readers in the world to conquer: China.

During a trial period of a few months could Chinese children 25 different Jommeke-albums to try out. Their reactions were so good that the Chinese publishing Bright Mediaop period, all the 290’s adventures on the Chinese market.

‘The Chinese deal, where we years working on it, is a confirmation of our belief that we are with Flemish creativity the world can conquer, ” says the CEO of Balloon Media, Alex Dragonetti. “It is wonderful that we have these oervlaamse, nice look at things now with a different part of the world can share.’

On the Chinese side, they are also enthusiastic. “When I the album The Luchtzwemmers to my seven year old nephew gave, he explained it that day, not down,” says Ciel Qiao. She is the rights associate editor of the team that the Jommekestrips to the Chinese (Mandarin) translates.

‘This Flemish comic book series sells about a million copies per year, ” says the CEO of Bright Media, in an interview with Publishers Weekly. “In China, we want these sales figures do not match, we want to exceed them.’

That ambition is backed up by figures from the pilot project. In a few months time, were of the 25 albums, by title, some 20,000 copies were sold. So good 500.000 strips thus went all over the counter. Bright Media is now going to the Jommekestrips in the same way to introduce and promote in the whole of China. Each year, 40 new titles to be released on the Chinese public.

How will Jommeke called in Chinese?

Jommeke speak to you in Mandarin, the most spoken language in China, as Jié Mié.

As a Chinese tourist in English asks something about ‘Jeremy’ or ‘Jimmy’ is the chance so great that he or she is the brainchild of Jef Neys mean.

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