Johnny de Mol asked the girlfriend right away in marriage when she turned out to be pregnant

Johnny de Mol asked his girlfriend Anouk van Schie in marriage shortly after it turned out that she was pregnant. “I have it in a day regularly, together with her little daughter,” he says about the proposal.

The Mole and There are more than two years together. Last year were the two known to get married.

“We were already pregnant, then it is wrong. Then she was pregnant again and I thought: well, now I’m going to ask her. Whether it is follow or not, it is in any case clear,” says The Mole to Naomi van As and Ellen Hoog in the SBS 6 program 24 hours mandekking, that Wednesday night broadcast.

He took the 4-year-old daughter of one of van Schie to the jeweler to have a ring to find out. “We had all the flowers removed and kinderchampagne and when She came in, before I get on my knees could sit down, called Kiki, he’s going to propose.”

At the end of april was the son of the 39-year-old De Mol was born.


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