Jared Leto gets her own movie as ‘the Joker’

Jared Leto in ‘Suicide Squad’ the well-known Batman villain ‘the Joker’ played, to get your own movie all the way around the popular character will run. That writes entertainmentmagazine Variety.

In addition to the main character, will, Leto is also the role of producer. The standalone Joker film still has no title or release date given, but several film and entertainmentmagazines reported yesterday (Us time) all about the arrival of the film.

Details about the plot are not there yet, but the studio would want to build on the fictional world of ‘Suicide Squad’ 2016. The story would also be on that film and to the planned vervolgfilms be linked.

Leto’s Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’, such as fans pointed out, is actually little more than a cameo. The “oscar” Italian had after the release of the film already made it clear that he hoped to have the character continue to develop in future films with a more substantive role, not a starring role.

It is currently unknown when the new standalone film goes into production, because Leto and the studio have yet to find a writer. It is also unclear whether the film would be included before or after the previously announced sequel to ‘Suicide Squad’, which is believed to he somewhere in 2019 is rotated.

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