Hooligans in suits: hired Trump ’fake’ fans?

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump organized Tuesday a celebration of the American flag,’ with supporters of American Football team Philadelphia Eagles. But are the real supporters? International media speculate about a staged event.

A ’fan’ of the Philadelphia Eagles has the shirt now from the wrapping and shows it to photographers.

“This is a wonderful, big party,” said Trump. “It is actually larger than we had expected.” That may be, but in the meantime life is increasingly questioned by the American public. The neat tailoring of the so-called hardcore Eagles fans eyebrows frown.

The largest portion of the team had not showed up; then pulled to Trump the invitation for the whole team, but he wanted the fans to be the American national anthem to celebrate.

NBC reporter Tim Furlong doubted: he came to know that not a single fan, the star of the team knew. Others were sheepish looks when they asked who is actually from Philadelphia. Only one man was seen with an Eagles shirt; folded, nota bene.

Then tapped colleagues from ABC News, an internal e-mail from the White House at the head in which employees were asked to come. Many visitors would overheidspasjes have worn under their clothes, and saw a reporter.

The large speculate is already started. Were the fans all the staff members of the White House? Or has Trump they hired? That last idea sounds absurd, but the hiring of masses and a ’fake fans’ is a lucrative business in the U.S., reported CNN earlier. For example, the company Crowds On Demand, a whole entourage arrange including bodyguards and paparazzi – all fake.

Incidentally, Donald Trump, as his rival Hillary Clinton earlier accused of being fake fans or ’ordinary citizens’ to have hired, to their campaign color.

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