Four hundred migrants attempt to storm the fence at Spanish exclave in Morocco

Approximately four hundred African migrants have Wednesday the six-metre-high fence and stormed to the border between Morocco and the Spanish exclave Ceuta. Spanish and Moroccan security forces have the most migrants from each other can float.

The Spanish Guardia Civil declares that it is the first time in seven months that a large group of migrants the border has stormed. Six migrants had after the event medical assistance is required, three of whom go to the hospital, reports the Red Cross.

At the storming of the gate hitting migrants often injured, because she of the six-foot-tall structure down, or because guards them pushing away.

Spain has in Morocco over two exclaves: Ceuta at the Straits of Gibraltar and 250 km further east lies located in Melilla.

In december 2017, stormed about seven hundred migrants the fence at the border with Ceuta.

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