Employee of the Trump way after note about McCain

WASHINGTON – An employee of American president Donald Trump, that is a revolting comment about the sick senator John McCain made, no longer works for the White House. Or she is fired or was forced to resign, according to American media is not clear.

John McCain

“It doesn’t matter, he’s going to die anyway,” said Kelly Sadler after McCain, to cancer suffers, criticism had been expressed of Trump. She made the comment last month during a well-attended press conference and shocked this audience.

No official apologies

The White House formally gave no excuses, despite the commotion about the note was created. The White House was now known that they are no longer for the office of the president is employed.

The 81-year-old McCain, partijgenoot but a critic of Trump, suffers from an aggressive form of brain cancer. Sadler made the comment when McCain had a criticism on the appointment of Gina Reel, as chief of the federal investigation FBI.

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