Dolly Parton is going to Neflix-series

There is a series in the making based on the hits of the American singer Dolly Parton. That has Netflix confirmed. What songs exactly will be used, it is not yet known.

The series will have eight parts, of which each part is based on a different Parton classic. The singer will be in the series, but also works as a producer and singer-songwriter.

“I’ve always enjoyed to tell stories with my music,” says Parton at The Hollywood Reporter. “Thanks to Netflix can I use some of my favorite songs to life.”

The series continues next year in premiere. It is not yet known which songs exactly to bid will come. The singer previously worked on the NBC movie ‘Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors’, to which more than 13 million people watched. Parton is currently finishing the music for the film ‘Dumplin’.

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