Doctor spot cancer on tv and inform wife via Facebook

NEW YORK – An American doctor looked at the beginning of may, an episode of the reality series Beachfront Bargain Hunt, they spotted a potentially cancerous growth in the throat area of a candidate, wrote a message on Facebook and it seems, a month later, her life to have been saved.

Damn, thought Erich Voigt. That seems to be on cancer. He discovered a strange spot on the neck of Nicole McGuinness (32), who are participating in the program in which candidates have a beach house on the head, try tapping.

“That bulge in the throat looked asymmetrical and seemed to be a tumor,” he says, compared to The New York Post. Voigt decided a message on Facebook and asked his followers to share it.

Two weeks later, it reached the message to McGuinness, who is 900 miles away lives. She followed the advice of the doctor, had to examine themselves and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Ever survived, they have a brain tumor, now bind them again into battle.

It is a miracle that he saw it”, responds the woman across from ABC, after the doctor visited in New York, and her gratitude to tons of. The doctor himself brought her the good news: he thinks that the cancer is supposedly good to treat.

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