Criminals rob Australian camera crew

LONDON – Two criminals in London to an Australian reporter and her cameraman being robbed. Because the camera is still turned, were images of the robbery live to see in the control room of the television station in Sydney.

The robbers struck as journalist Laurel Irving and her cameraman Jimmy were filming in the district of Islington, messages Australian media Wednesday. One of the men stepped on the cameraman and made clear the very expensive camera to want.


Irving told me in a vain attempt to have done the robbers to thwart. “I tried the camera to address”, said the journalist, her cameraman cried, “no, no, No. He has a gun. Then I let loose and they cycled away.”

While the offenders drove away with the camera, was the video link with Sydney road. The journalist succeeded in take a picture of the perpetrators. The Australian station has also the camera footage handed over to the police.

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