British remake of ‘Tytgat Chocolat’ in the making

The chance is great that there is a British version will be made of ‘Tytgat Chocolat’, the One series about and with people with Down syndrome. The Canadian-British production company Reel One has just the remakerechten purchased, writes The Latest News.

“We know the self only,” says Pieter Van george chapman (head of Fiction production house of The People) to the newspaper. “Let it be clear: currently, we are still not sure whether the series there also effective. Though it is the fact that the remakerechten sold are already a big step in the right direction. It is also the case that a producer of such rights to purchase, usually has already been scanned or there is a market for it.”

Reel One is now trying to turn the series in the coming weeks to sell to a British tv channel. There is also a writer for the English-language version face.

In Tytgat Chocolat’ Jasper (Jelle Palmaerts), a young man with Down’s syndrome, started work in a chocolate factory. He is in love with one of his colleagues: the Kosovo Tina (Mira Bryssinck). When they are suddenly expelled, take Jasper along with his friends on an adventurous journey to get her back. The series was in the us last autumn to see One.

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