Also at Miss World, the Netherlands is not bikinironde

Miss World Nederland organizes Sunday in Amsterdam a beauty pageant without swimsuits and bikinis. It is not a response to the decision by the organization of Miss America that the badpakkenronde deletes.

Rachelle Reijnders Miss World contest in the Netherlands in 2016, the first time that there is no bikinironde more

The Dutch beauty pageant has no swimsuit since 2016, when Rachelle Reijnders from Oss as the winner was chosen. This says organiser Katia Maes of Miss World Netherlands.

“We promote no swimwear. We are a platform for young, powerful women that their mouth also can stir without swimsuits and lingerie”, says Katia Maes. “They show diverse talent, that can sing, or ballet. And they are also very socially engaged. A bathing suit adds nothing, at most it is for outsiders fun to watch.”


Katia is in total agreement with the organization of Miss America to the bikinis and bathing suits at home. “Women don’t need strategies to be with bikinis or bathing suits to be heard.” The beauty contest Miss World is the oldest of its kind and differs from other competitions because it not only revolves around appearance, but also to the personality, educated and good purpose that the miss support.

Sunday evening 20.00 pm is the final of Miss World in the Netherlands in The King Events in Amsterdam. During the show, compete sixteen finalists to the title and the crown. Miss World, the Netherlands is the counterpart of Miss Netherlands, who nevertheless continues to maintain the badpakkenronde.

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