VIDEO – Ronaldo flikt trick from 1998

Nike is in a nostalgic mood. The new world cup commercial is based on that of twenty years ago.

The ‘real’ Ronaldo.

In 1998, the former Brazilian star a number of impressive tricks in an airport, Ronaldo (the Brazilian) was now his trick once again, and between the current stars.

As a grand finale was the Brazilian Ronaldo in 1998, a simple ‘goal, but he shot on a pole. In the new commercial, we see – to put it mildly, slightly heavier – Ronaldo the same motions. He got the company of Neymar and other current players of the Seleção.

Actually, not much has changed since Il Fenomeno is retired. Are balbehandeling is on his 41st is still as magical, but the problems with its weight, are clearly not of the job.

The original advertising from 1998:


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