Veerle Dobbelaere win “the Liberal Well”-price for pseudosciences

The critical association SKEPP reaches this year its “Liberal Put” out to actress Veerle Dobbelaere. That occurs as a coach for the company TalentTester, that career advice is provided on the basis of facial expressions. “What these practitioners through their website claim, even did the experienced members of the award committee, who swallow”, says SKEPP. Dobbelaere would her BV-shelf for self-promotion have “abused”.

Founder Nancy Steels and Veerle Dobbelaere “devised a completely new way to earn money by advising careers”, SKEPP. “Just by the faces of people to analyze. The method is reminiscent of the nineteenth-century phrenology, a theory that currently have no scientific basis. Also the BV shelf of one of our two laureates for their own promotion”, denounces the jury.

SKEPP examined the scientific base of the work of Talent Tester, but was not convinced. “The scientific evidence was even a study of the well-known psychologist Richard Wiseman, that just shows that your personality can not deduce from his appearance.”

The “Sixth Vijs”, a prize for those who contribute has made in the dissemination of critical, and objective information on pseudoscience, this year to the journalists, Maxie Eckert, and Mark Eeckhaut (The Default). That brought to light that kinderkankerspecialist Stefaan Van Gool, known for the Four-program “Topdokters”, messed with his clinical studies.

“While everyone was marvelling at the miraculous ability of the doctors, watched our laureates with a critical eye to the content of their claims”, says the jury. For Mark Eeckhaut, it is already the second time that he is the prize.

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