Tyrese Gibson ready for new voogdijstrijd while he tries to get his daughter to Atlanta to take

F&F star thinks his daughter is better in Atlanta can grow up.

Fast & Furious star Tyrese Gibson is preparing for a new voogdijstrijd with his ex-wife after he was a judge for permission, and asked his daughter to take to Atlanta.

The movie star and his ex, Nora, clashten the last year in the courtroom after they him accused that he is their child so hard had beaten that she could not sit down.

During the voogdijgevecht, was Tyrese forbidden to Shayla (10). He got 50% custody of his daughter, but now wants to be the first guardianship, so that he in Atlanta can educate.

According to court documents, which The Blast has obtained, he calls out that it is in the “best interest” of his daughter would be to Los Angeles, where she and her mother live, to the state of Georgia to move out, where he claims that he is for Shayla “a stable and loving environment has been created in an affluent and safe neighborhood.”

The actor and singer also promises that his child will have her own room and bathroom and that she went to a top private school has a private teacher. He has also promised to ensure that Shayla a good relationship with her mother, and maintains her travel expenses back and forth between Atlanta and Los Angeles to pay.

Gibson argues that as Shayla in Los Angeles with her mother, Norma , is in my relationship with and my custody of Shayla will continue to mix and my relationship with her will not facilitate.”

Tyrese will again in september to become a father, his new wife Samantha is pregnant. Gibson shared the news in a nepfilmtrailer, in which he is the voice-over did and the beginning of April revealed.

Samantha admitted that she moederschapsvaardigheden has improved by her step-daughter Shayla, and added that the 10-year-old “since I know her brothers and sisters ask”.

Tyrese and his wife are planning to have the baby in Los Angeles, but nurturing the child in the family home in Georgia, where Tyrese and Samantha their relationship last year on Valentine’s day started.

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