Tyrese Gibson does a new attempt to obtain custody of daughter

Fast & Furious-star Tyrese Gibson is preparing for a new voogdijstrijd with his ex-wife. He wants his daughter to take to Atlanta.

The movie star and his ex, Nora, clashten last year in the courtroom after they him accused that he is their child hard had struck.

During the voogdijgevecht, was the Gibson forbidden to Shayla (10). He ultimately obtained for 50 percent control over his daughter, but now wants to eenhoofdig authority, so that he in Atlanta can educate.

According to court documents that The Blast has obtained, he calls out that it is in the “best interest” of his daughter would be to Los Angeles, where she and her mother live, to the state of Georgia to move.

Gibson will again in september to become a father, his new wife Samantha is pregnant. The actor and his wife are planning to have the baby in Los Angeles, but nurturing the child in the family home in Georgia, where Tyrese and Samantha their relationship last year on Valentine’s day started.


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