The new prime minister of Italy, wants a fairer Europe

ROME – new Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte in his first speech to mps, stressing that his government have a different policy for Europe, but decided not to. “Europe is our house, the house for everyone, we must work for a stronger and fairer Europe,” said Conte, a 53-year-old lawyer with no political background.

Giuseppe Conte

“It is our aim to be the difference between the economic growth in the EU and in Italy, but this must be achieved within the framework of financial stability and confidence in the markets,” said Conte.

He was in the Senate, flanked by the winners of the elections of 4 march; the leader of the eurosceptic protestpartij M5S (Vijfsterrenbeweging) Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, leader of the radical right-wing populists of the Lega. In both populist movements is often the fault of problems with the EU or the German currency, the euro, are laid.

’To strive for the abolition of sanctions’

Conte tried to the fear of other EU countries, what road to take. They fear on the basis of the plans of the M5S and the League that the government of populists that Conte leads, reckless with money going to hurl, and hardly generate more revenue. According to critics of the Italian policy should be the country’s colossal debt burden of the government with spending cuts, reducing. But according to the current leaders, Di Maio and Salvini, there must be money rolling and should be as the economy to grow.

Conte confirmed the faith of his country to the NATO alliance, but the western hostile approach to Russia is wrong. “We will continue to strive for the abolition of sanctions against Russia and to begin sanctions that the citizens the most to take.”

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