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The block to combine with the world cup? Universities find: “Great way to relax”

With the world cup for the door voetbalminnende students to make a difficult choice: blocks or cheer for the Red Devils. It becomes a difficult task to stay focused during the competitions. Nevertheless, it is a combination of both is possible according to the universities.

In Belgium, it was still no scientific link proven between a world cup and weaker exam results. However, circulated in 2002, a percentage of the University of Antwerp that showed that the chances of success are about ten percent lower would lie in the years that a world CHAMPIONSHIP is. But that percentage needs to be qualified somewhat. “That percentage is about the chances of success at the end of the last century. Mathematician and former rector Alain Verschoren made the comparison between years with or without the world cup from 1982 to 1998. Really up-to-date figures so not more”, says spokesman Peter De Meyer of the UAntwerpen. “Moreover, it was primarily a calculation for the niceness than an extensive scientific research. There is even no written record of preserved.”

“Great way to relax”

Also at the university of Ghent there is still no scientific research conducted to exam during a world championship. Yet we also know there that there are no significant differences between the years with and without a world cup. “Our student administration has, quite recently, the figures are compared, and it has no effect and marked with the years in which a CHAMPIONSHIP is. But really, scientifically, was that research not,” says Stephanie Lenoir, president of the university of Ghent. “There are no major differences because each year something is. Every two years the european CHAMPIONSHIPS or world cup place, but every year is Roland Garros. The voetbalgekte, of course, is much larger than the tennisgekte, but true sports enthusiasts every year to their exams combine with a great sports event.”

Although a world cup the chances of success of students does not necessarily jeopardize, the universities, their students more often stress the importance of good planning. Because it stands or falls. “Our tutoring and psychologists will regularly say that the matches perfectly to plan,” says Lenoir. “A match is also a great way to relax. You may wait with your friends at a cafe, or just look at kot. But make sure that you again behind your books creeps. You should have a good balance between the block and your relaxation. But that is always so, all is the world cup of course, an external factor which is the exact hours of your entertainment determines.”

“If the Red Devils get very far, solves the problem itself”

The UAntwerpen again, especially via social media, her students, trying to guide it during the world cup. Also, according to Meyer, is a planning are of crucial importance. “Who are blokperiodes good plant, can certainly free up time to go to the matches of the Red Devils to look. Extended celebrations after the match will the students probably do not care much about, at least not in the first round. If the Red Devils get very far, solves the problem itself, because the exams are already over.”

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