Series ‘Baantjer’ returns on Dutch television

Series 'Baantjer' returns on Dutch television

The series ‘Baantjer’ returns after twelve years on the Dutch television. That have RTL and Videoland published.

The main role is played by Waldemar’. Tygo Gernandt plays the role of his partner, Tonnie Montijn. The series takes place in the turbulent years of the 80, as the character of The Cock, net detective has become. The idea for the series comes from Thijs and Peter Römer, the grandson and son of Piet Römer, the old ‘Baantjer’ in the original series played.

The new series will be preceded by a feature film next year in the cinema to see. Thijs Römer has the screenplay of the film written. “It is a huge honor and at the same time a big challenge in the shoes of one of the Netherlands’ most famous characters, inspector De Cock,” says Waldemar.

The recording of the new Baantjer start in september.

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