Serbian grass can Bulgarian cow life costs

SOFIA – A Bulgarian cow has quite a bit of commotion caused by going to a probably greener pasture at the neighbors in Serbia to wander. Skin is displayed, and returned of their own accord, but the EU rules require that they must now be completed.

Not the cow from the story.

Skin is displayed was the middle of the previous month in the southwest of Bulgaria, some of the herd wandered and across the border in the Serbian meadow ended up, without that the owner noticed. The animal turned back, but wrote its own death-warrant: according to the European rules should an animal that is outside of the EU has been, no longer be traced.

Many Bulgarians are outraged that skin is displayed by a such line to its end. “We will see if an exception can be made”, promised the minister of Agriculture. International convert animal lovers and politicians is now to skin is displayed from the slaughter to the rescue.

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