Resignation prime minister can straatprotest in Jordan do not stop

In the Jordanian capital of Amman, its Monday night once again thousands of people came to protest against the savings of the government. However, it took the government earlier in the day dismissal.

The demonstrators stayed until early on Tuesday actievoeren and tried the roundabout in front of the offices of the first minister to reach, where they’ve been every night since Friday, had protested against its austerity measures. However, they were stopped by the police. There were a few small skirmishes and in both parties there were lichtgewonden.

The protests continue despite the resignation of prime minister Hani Mulki and his government. Monday morning served Mulki his resignation to king Abdullah. He also performed at the beginning of this year, a tax increase by and purchased for the arms is very significant subsidies on bread, making its popularity a big sting was.

A forthcoming reform of the personal income tax, including a lower tax-free amount, and the increase of the fuel and electricity prices, have made the bucket overflow. Mulki was on Friday forced to the changes to undo.

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