’Putin’s show’ explains Vienna lamb

VIENNA – Russian president Putin brings Tuesday a working visit to Vienna. The Austrian capital, according to local media by security measures and deposits to nine hours of lamb laid for “the Putin show”. Eight hundred agents and hundreds of soldiers guard the city, and her guest from Russia.

Vladimir Putin

It is the first visit of Putin to a country of the European Union since joining in march re-elected. Prior to the visit, he emphasized compared to the Austrian public broadcaster that Russia is not nationalist forces in the EU supports. Russia wants, according to Putin “nothing or no one in the EU to divide and is not interested in a weak EU, but wants to understand as a thriving trading partner.” He repeated in the interview that his country is not involved in the removal in 2014 of flight MH17 over Eastern Ukraine.

Putin comes at the beginning of the afternoon, and received at the Hofburg. He speaks, among others, with president Alexander van der Call and chancellor Sebastian Kurz. In the evening, before he returned to Russia flies, he opens the Art history Museum an exhibition of masterpieces from the Saint st petersburg Hermitage.

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