Penelope Cruz wants to misbruikzaak Woody Allen re-open

Penelope Cruz has the Us authorities urged the misbruikzaak of Woody Allen and his daughter Dylan to re-examine, so the case is final may be terminated.

Dylan Farrow accuses her father of her sexual to have abused.

Cruz, who starred in Allen’s films, To Rome With Love and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, is that the case “should be re-viewed” if Dylan claims that the claim that the director is her as a child has difficult cases not made up.

Her mother, Mia Farrow, opened in 1993, the case, but the prosecutors chose not to charge in to serve – a fact that Woody put forward during a recent interview with the Argentine news program Periodismo Para Todos, in which he said: “This is something that 25 years ago has been thoroughly investigated by all authorities. All came to the conclusion that it was not true. And that was the end and I went on with my life.”


But Cruz is of the opinion that the case should be reopened – so Woody his name once and for all can be purified. “The case should again be reviewed,” she says. “The important thing is, if somewhere in the world a case that is not clear is, why would you not even look at it? I am there for.”

Cruz, who won an Oscar for her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona from 2008, stresses that they will not join the growing list of actresses who have refused to work with again All because of the persistent accusations against him, she tells Vanity Fair.

“We have a collection of headlines saying that the actor would work with him again, and said that they are not – this changes nothing. This adds nothing good to the situation.”


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