’Now, if we do nothing, we go to the kloten’

Radio dj Ruud de Wild has five months long, heavy diver training had on 5 June, world environment day, live under water. He wants to be as to draw attention to the rising sea level, and the ’plastic soup’. “I have children and I make me worry for the world. I want myself can look at and tell that I what to have done. If we now have nothing to do, we go to the kloten”, says the dj.

Ruud de Wild

“The broadcast is not didactic, and we are not going to beg for money”, stresses The Wild. As people move through the broadcast feel called to something against environmental pollution are going to do, he will find that a great perk. “What I’ve learned is that if the text of the record is nice but the melody is terrible, is nobody picking up on. With a positive approach we are going to try to make the world a little bit better, without being a hippie.”

Shopping with a fabric bag is the producer, just back a little too far. “You must not overdo it, but I think of it every day. That Dill and Chamomile bags, which everyone runs, there is also a thick layer of ink on.” Of the plasticvrije shop in Amsterdam is The Wild also not very impressed. “A lot of fun these initiatives, but it is mainly the task of the government to the plastic, push it back.”

The Wild in the Afternoon Tuesday from the former haaienbassin of the Noorderdierenpark zoo in Emmen broadcast. Ruud de Wild are going with a full-face mask, which he can talk and breathe, present. For that day is even a whole studio under water. “It is a full broadcast, in which everything can. People can live, look and dial-up.”

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