New on An: The Summer Of…

Bruno Wyndaele invites this new sunny talk show every day one exclusive guest at a summer outdoor venue in Flanders. He takes the time to his guest to talk, to the life, of thinking as anyone that on a beautiful summer evening ever. The summer of… is a trip down memory lane: back to the feeling that everyone had as a child, that no end could come to that wonderful summer. What is the first thing that Bruno’s guests, remember of the ideal summer? The music resounds there and what are they doing on such a wonderful perpetual, warm evening?
At the same time, the summer also provides an opportunity to think about life itself and how the year has been to date. Where are the guests and where do they go? On any success they may drink, and which defeat must they drown? Each week pulls Bruno to another place in Flanders, which invites to have a good conversation. That can be a tourist hotspot or a hidden gem. A band makes for the ultimate zomergevoel. With guests such as Bart Peeters, Jeroen Meus, Jani Kazaltzis, Tine Levels and Dina Tersago is Bruno is already in good company.

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