New episodes Day santa Claus

The St has less time to rest in Spain, the next two years will be very busy. The shooting of the new movie: ‘santa Claus and the Wakeful Nights are currently underway, and the result thereof is from 24 October to see it in cinema. In addition, start the Saint with a completely redesigned series of the now historic program Day of Christmas.

Ketnet start in a few months with the filming of a new series of Day of Christmas. In the meantime, it is 25 years since the first broadcast of the Day Nicholas was to be seen. Several generations of children grew up with this series from the hand of Hugo Matthysen and the Day Sinterklaas is gradually replacing the status of Flemish cultural heritage.

In 2019, Ketnet this classic in a contemporary look. Ketnet wishes with the new series, again a full generation of children to get acquainted with santa Claus and his friends.

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