Mother of Temptation Megan in spicy photo shoot

Megan was in Temptation Island one of the most discussed candidates, but now it also appears her mother is not without sin. Now it’s just a little quieter around the “koekerond” behavior of Megan from Temptation Island resembles her mother the torch to take over. She falls on the internet, after all, to be admired in an erotic photo shoot.

The photos date back to Temptation Island but now his daughter brand has acquired to circulate the hot pictures of Megans mother like wildfire on the internet. Megans mom is posing in a black, leather bikini, and looks with a sultry look into the camera. The apple does not fall far from the tree? After Megan the boekskes dominated now looks more like her mother Vanessa in the coming weeks regularly over the reeds. Also wants its piece of the action from the reputation of her daughter?

Also last year we noticed that the mom of Pommeline together with her much-discussed daughter was at Jani Kazaltzis for a make-over. Maybe there can be a Temptation Island will be organized for “the parents of…”

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