Melania Trump makes public comeback

The American First Lady Melania Trump is Monday for the first time since her operation more than three weeks ago, again appeared publicly. Through its long presence and radio silence, there were many speculations arise about what happened to Melania had happened.

So there were rumors that Melania is again moved to New York city was, that they have health problems or that they plastic surgery had undergone.

Melania lived Monday an event for the families of the deceased soldiers, the so-called ‘Gold Star Families’.

The 48-year-old wife of president Donald Trump underwent on may 14, a nieroperatie and five days later discharged from the hospital. It remained since then, however, very silent around the First Lady, and on Monday became known that Melania and her husband will not attend the G7 summit and to Singapore.

Soon there were all kinds of rumors about Melania. A tweet from 30 may on her official @FLOTUS account, which would end the speculation, made just for extra confusion, because the style of the message really seemed to be that of Donald Trump. “I see that the media is working overtime running to speculate where I am and what I’m doing. Don’t worry, I’m here in the White House with my family, I feel great and am hard at work for the children and the American people!’, sounded it.

In a statement Monday, which was spread by Melania’s spokeswoman, signalled a similar message. “Mrs. Trump is still a strong and independent woman that her family and certainly her health above everything, and that will not change by a crazed press,” according to the press release, according to CNN. “She has confidence in what she does and what her role is, and is aware of the fact that the rest is only speculation and nonsense.”

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